In Memory of my friend Alex Hayden who shared these images with me.  

In Memory of my friend Alex Hayden who shared these images with me.  

DISCERNMENT-  interpreting  the events and matters of life and faith to perceive direction, wisdom and the will of God for our lives.   An outside voice might be beneficial.


UNRESOLVED EVENTS-  All of us have episodes and segments of living that are unfinished, in conflict or knotted.   Another set of eyes might perceive movement and momentum differently.


LIFE TRANSITIONS  At times, we are moved to places against our will or contrary to our wishes, and sometimes we turn in the wrong direction and take up the wrong road.  Sometimes we have beautiful changes and weighty opportunities to do wonderful things.  Time to sort and discuss can help.


RELATIONSHIP STRUGGLES  We are always in relationships, of every shape and size, quality and quantity.  Some flourish and grow.  Some don't.  Some are a benefit, others not so much.  Counseling could allow for better clarity, resolutions and deeper understanding.


SPIRITUAL SKIRMISHES AND QUANDRIES  We live in a spiritual world and we are not in charge of the powers and principalities.  Some of us find ourselves feeling helpless or disoriented, and  we need an advocate.   The messages inside of us and outside are not always truthful or redemptive.  We all need the Word of Grace and the sense of where there is safety and strength.